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Stonefield Eden Alpacas

Our Story

The dream of Stonefield Eden has been 50 years in the making. As a young child, I spent my summer holidays at the Glenbrook Farm Hotel in the Eastern Townships and at the family farms in Prince Edward County. From that young age I knew I belonged surrounded by animals and land, not concrete and housing towers. After travelling and working on three different continents and more countries it was time to plant my country roots. After a 3.5 year search I found my Eden in Prince Edward County.

I bought a hundred acres with an old house and a couple of even older outbuildings. Within 10 years the barn was fixed, the shed was transformed into a chicken coop and the fence lines were on paper. I met Peter and together we continued to work on this dream. Eight years have passed and we have fences built, our off grid home sort of done, and alpacas grazing in the pastures. Welcome to our dream in process!

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