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Our Herd

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Jazzman was one of the first boys on the farm. He is a dark brown and here he is showing off his new haircut just minutes after being shorn in 2013.

LW, Valarian and Peppercorn

These are three of the boys from my second acquisition in 20?? They are all beautiful animals and have great genetics.  From left to right, Lethal Weapon, Valerian and Peppercorn.

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Dexter was one of the first on the farm and the youngest at the time. He came to live here when he was just a year old. He has lovely chestnut fleece and I have just had some wonderful yarn made from a couple of his blankets. Standby to see what I can create with this wonderful yarn.

The Boys

The boys in their field enjoying a warm summer day. They are doing what they do best, that is grazing and looking peaceful and calm.

Becca and sedona.JPG

Sedona Ben & Becca

Sedona Ben is one of the four girls that came to live here 2 years ago. She is the oldest girl at 10 years. She is here with one of the livestock guardian dogs, Becca.

Dolce, Sedona, Ghost Walker, Gypsy

All four girls just after their shearing in 2016. Dolce is in the background and then left to right ... Sedona, Ghost and Gypsy.

Flying Gordon.jpg

Gordon's Garlic

Gordan was the first cria we had born on the farm. Named after my neighbour who came over to help me deliver him. I was a very nervous first time mom! He was a big baby at almost 24 pounds. Within an hour of his birth he was standing and days later running like the wind.

Lizbeth's Licorice 

Lizbeth's Licorice was born one week after her brother. I came home from market and she had been delivered safe and sound. I did not even have to worry. That is the best type of birth!

Lizbeths licorace.jpg
Big brother pillow.jpg

The Babies

Only a week apart but Gordan is much larger than his sister. Gordon's mom is Ghost, a white alpaca and Lizbeth's mom is Gypsy, the black female. The dad of both of them is Valerian, the black herd sire. This photo was taken when they were about a month old. A favorite activity on the farm is watching these two frolic and race around the fields.

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