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PriceFrom C$550.00


Stonefield Eden Alpacas are proud to offer Alpaca Duvets. We have them in both queen and king sizes and they will fit into standard duvet covers. Light-weight, warm, breathable and are considered non-allergenic

Sleep with alpaca warmth! These alpacas duvets are hand crafted using down proof, 100% cotton sheeting, sewn in six inch squares with a special sewed wave to keep the batting in place and extend its wear life. The alpaca fiber in the duvets is from our farm in Prince Edward County and sewn with skill and care just east of The County at Old Mill Alpacas.

Save energy and turn down your thermostat! Alpaca duvets will keep you warmer than traditional down-filled or synthetic-filled duvets without the bulk or weight. Alpaca fiber has the ability to moderate body temperature so our duvets will keep you warm during cold winters yet will not be too hot during the summer.


Stonefield Eden Alpaca Duvets are a luxury item that will keep you and your family warm this winter and for years to come. We all deserve to sleep with an alpaca!


  • Local Delivery and Farm Pick Up

    We offer both choices for our Prince Edward County residents, deliveries are once a week and farm pick ups will be notified via email when your order is ready

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